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Sibley Tent Stove

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Civil War Sibley Tent Stove

Henry Hopkins Sibley (1816-1886) graduated from West Point in 1838, was commissioned a second lieutenant in the 2nd U.S. Dragoons, and served in the Seminole War.

In 1856, he patented the "Sibley tent" that could accommodate 20 soldiers and their gear.  His tent became widely used on the frontier.

Sibley also invented the "Sibley stove" to provide heat within the tent.  These sheet-iron stoves were in use until the advent of World War II.

The Sibley stove was later used as a grove heater (smudge pot) in an orange grove in neighboring Citra.

Sibley tent stove

Portrait of H.H. Sibley by Mathew Brady, ca1865

Sibley tent


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